Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



A building materials manufacturer reached out to us when they began experiencing failures with a tape that they were using for a flying splice application on their fiberglass insulation production line. The tape needed to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.


Multiple products were tested, and a double coated polyester acrylic tape proved to perform just as well in the warmer months as it did during winter months.The tape has temperature resistant capabilities, along with permanent bonding capabilities. The tape’s shear acrylic adhesive gives it quick-stick properties ideal for splicing applications. 

To better support the splice, we supplied the customer with a die-cut tab. This enhancement helps prevent stoppages on the production line, allowing production workers to quickly remove the liner.


Our tape specialists work hard to save you material costs and production time. We offer thousands of materials, converting them to the most user-friendly form for each unique application. Our converting capabilities save production facilities money on material, rework time, and simplifies the application or removal of the tapes.

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