Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



A tape manufacturer came to Budnick with a lead from one of the largest veneer and edge banding product manufacturers in the United States. The customer was looking for a less expensive alternative to their current high-performance acrylic transfer tape. The alternative tape would need to bond to a wide variety of veneer backings.


After consulting with the manufacturer, a double coated acrylic tape with a paper liner was slit to size and presented to the customer. High tack properties, high shear resistance, and the ability to bond to a range of surfaces, including rough surfaces, factored heavily in the decision to use the double coated acrylic tape. The tape’s non-branded, anti-slip liner not only kept sheets and rolls from sliding but also allowed for the customer to brand themselves.


Over the years Budnick has formed strategic partnerships with the top tape manufacturers. By combining the tape manufacturing expertise of Budnick's suppliers and Budnick's extensive converting capabilities, tier suppliers, OEMs and end users in many market segments benefit from increased productivity in their use of adhesive tapes and other converted materials. In this particular instance, by working with the tape manufacturer, we were able to find a viable alternative that met the customer’s target price. We provided a successful trial run that resulted in a permanent switch from the adhesive transfer to the double coated acrylic.

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