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An appliance customer came to Budnick in search of an alternative to a Permagum sealing compound masking tape combination that was being used to seal metal casing gaps in a refrigerator during the PU foam injection process. The Permagum was allowing far too many leaks and the masking tape was not ideal for venting.


We laminated adhesive stripes to a non-woven fabric and covered it with a release liner. This product is known as BudVent™. The BudVent™ solution holds foam insulation in and allows more air and gas to escape during the foam-in-place injection process.


By using BudVent™ rather than the Permagum, engineers observed a 90% reduction in foam leaks. With proper venting, foam draws throughout the cavity, cures faster, eliminates foam voids and reduces non-conformances. BudVent™ may lower foam usage and significantly decrease labor hours throughout the production process.

Click here to view the BudVent™ datasheet


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